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Readings and Services

I offer a variety of readings, which can include numerology, palm reading, psychometry, and clairvoyance photo reading.

You may choose which type of reading you would like to have; 

Psychic predictive reading,

Mediumship reading,

Business reading,   

Each reading lasts for approx 45-60 minutes.

Readings can be given in person, via phone or Skype/Zoom.  

ALL readings including Phone and Skype are by appointment only.

I am also an accredited crystal healer, certified realm reader, assertiveness coach and spiritual space clearer.

Crystal Healing services start with a basic chakra healing (30min) through to an Advanced Crystal Chakra healing (1.5hr).

I can perform spiritual space clearing and created crystal grids to protect and improve the energy in your home and/or business.

Numerology in Brisbane, Crystal Healing in Brisbane, Palmistry in Brisbane

Merendi Leverett Psychic, Crystal Healer, Space Clearer, Oracle Card Reader, Tarot Card Reader in Brisbane.

About Me


Merendi is a vibrant & passionate Spiritual healer whom is an accredited crystal healer, certified realm reader, certified angel card reader, tarot card reader, numerologist & psychic. 

With her unique skills she provides expert & professional advice in spiritual guidance. She is able to provide you with spiritual guidance and can help heal your heart & soul. She can guide you to find your life purpose. 

Merendi was always very psychic as a child and recalls having spirit visit her, experiencing out of body experiences and de ja vu where she saw herself in the past or future. It has only been since her father’s passing in 2009 that she reconnected with her psychic skills and spirit guides to rediscover her true love and calling in life.   

Merendi has an interesting and uncanny way of combining her health and psychic skills to guide and heal her clients. She often knows immediately after meeting someone how to help them heal or recover from an illness or injury. 

What To Expect

I offer crystal healings and psychic readings using numerology, clairvoyance, palmistry Tarot and Oracle cards in Brisbane, via phone or Skype. 

Receive spiritual guidance and messages from your spirit guides, animal guides, angels or the universe through a variety of mediums including oracle cards, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and photo reading. I tune into your energy to receive information for you and provide you with clarity, guidance and affirmation.    Readings may focus on receiving guidance on your Life Purpose, health concerns or learning more about current and future relationships including romantic. Readings range from 45min - 60min depending on how many questions you have. All readings can be conducted face to face or via phone or Skype. 

All sessions are completed in a private and tranquil space.

I ensure all my clients are comfortable before we commence the session.

Sessions can be recorded for a nominal fee of $10 (Mp3 recording).


Contact Us

E: info@merendileverett.com

Skype: merendi.l

We share an office with "Taximiser Accountants"

1/538 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Queensland 4053, Australia

0408 988 762 via text only


By Appointment only

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